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Janitorial - How We Do It

Our program is simple and effective:

  1. We meet with you at the home/office

  2. You talk and we listen

  3. We ask questions, and make recommendations

  4. You choose "organic" or "industrial" type cleaner (no charge to you)

  5. We issue you a solid quote

  6. If you accept we set up a Cloud file.  The file will house all the documents we keep on your project such as the identification of the team members assigned, Safety Data Sheets of cleaners, invoices, etc--open and transparent

  7. We'll prepare a checklist for your project

  8. Billing is monthly or bi-monthly depending on the project

NOTE:  We will never charge any 'additional' hours.  Under very rare circumstances for 'additional' work requested by you we may charge an additional set price--but never by the hour.  Short Term Rentals, Offices, Move In or Move Out.

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