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Snow or No Snow

Snow in the Catskills is not unusual. Why would it be? It's been snowing here for a long time. Way before the native Americans even made their home here. So why bring it up? Well in the janitorial world it's a good thing and a annoying thing.

Good? Sure. It means we are appreciated more by our clients. Have you ever tried to clean a floor after a good snow? All the salt. Yes salt. Think about those entry way carpets. Those can be a real deal to clean. Yes yes a lot of businesses lease the carpets, but a lot don't. Never mind that. When you're a cleaning service those leased or not leased carpets are all the same--dirty.

I know some cleaners don't bother. Thats great! I know I'll probably take over that contract sometime in the future. Yeap. That's a good indicator of a cleaning company that's just doing what is required. And doing the minimum as it is agreed to in a "Contract" is asking to be replaced.

Do I have any proof of this? Really? That's a question?

This is one of those things called a "Leading Indicator". Snow tells how well a cleaning business is doing. Entry carpets cleaned- Good company. Entry carpets dirty- well, let's say the end is nearer than you think.

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