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Funny Thing Happened To Me On The Way....

Life has a way of providing a lot of challenges a long its way, most of which if we look from a different angle are pretty funny. In our day to day work activities in The One Clean we are presented with a lot of these funny challenges.

Have you ever taken a road trip and either half way to your destination, or after arrival realize you forgot something? How about forgetting cleaning equipment? We have a company vehicle. Every Sunday we do a 'deep clean' of the cleaning equipment. This requires us to take everything out to clean it. Well, one Sunday we did that, but then we got a call from a friend to come over. We should have finished what we were doing, but we chose to go have immediate fun; gratification. When we got back we had long forgotten about what we were doing, so all the major equipment was in a 'clean' room. Next day we took off and drove to a work site 45 miles away. Funny part is that we realized our error just as we pulled into the drive. Wasn't so funny at the time, but a great story to tell now.

Another time a prospective client called us to find out if we'd clean the home of their child attending school. The client couldn't go. We gave our price. As we base our business on meeting an objective (goal) we normally want to see the project before quoting. The client assured us that it was a small home, and just need minor cleaning. Trust but always Verify. The home was bigger than small, and was Animal House trashed out. Yes, we cleaned it to our normal standard which took a lot longer than we had planned--a lot longer. Not so funny at the time, but hilarious now.

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