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The Program

Great service begins and ends with experienced and friendly professionals.  Our Program covers offices, warehouses, schools, hospitals, post-construction, and flooring.

Daily and weekly cleaning services are growing in demand from many organizations due to the convenience and general safety they offer. By choosing nightly cleaning services, your business hours will be reserved solely for conducting your business.  

Our cleaning program goes beyond the 'normal' methods.  We do not focus on maximizing profits by basing our services on time.  Our focus is quite simply based on exceeding your expectations, giving that one extra, minimizing overhead, and providing a fair price.  

How do we work?

1)  We meet with you to understand your needs.  We may offer suggestions to help you achieve your goals

2) Based on your needs we create a written plan, with a checklist

3) You will receive a ONE-PRICE quote with the plan and checklist

ONE-PRICE will allow us to do the work properly without anyone watching the clock.  Our goal is to do the job right.  This gives you peace of mind of knowing you do not need to track hours worked.

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