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Fog or Not To Fog that is the question

Fogging has become a popular technique for a lot of companies that sell "Covid Cleaning" services. And it sounds logical that fogging would be the technique of choice. Except for one minor detail.....The Center for Disease Control (CDC) doesn't approve it on its own.


Well let's look at the correct approach. First is to clean the surface of dirt. Then to use a EPA registered disinfectant per label directions. Fogging is identified as an alternative method for use in wide area, keeping in mind that this method still requires cleaning the surface first.

Why Fog? Hmmmm good question. I don't know. Seems sort of like the lazy way of doing a very important task. If you are doing this right, and I'm guessing if you are reading this is because you want to do it right, then you are going to come up with a cleaning plan, then execute that plan. This plan will focus on those areas that can be touched by someone.

Why fog the ceiling, or behind a filing cabinet? Fogging can also easily send a mist of liquid into your various electronics found in a typical building or office.

Actually the best covid cleaning procedure mirrors a good daily cleaning procedure, without the dusting part. You don't want to dust because that will send potential virus laden dirt up into the air to be breath in. It is much better to spray the area down with a soapy water solution, and wipe off. Then spray on the disinfectant and do as its label says. We use 1 minute contact types of solutions just to move the process along.

Answer to the For or Not. Well for us it is "Not". There is a place for fogging, but in the case of Covid, or any other type of cleaning fogging is "Hollywood". Makes for a good show, but really not all that effective to achieving the goal.

We highly recommend teaching your cleaning crew how to clean properly, and then you are having a Covid cleaning done each time they clean. And leaving the fogger to fighting mosquitos, and aphids.

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