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Automation in Cleaning

Most janitorial services use people to complete all the cleaning such as dusting, window cleaning, sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, etc. We are rounding the corner of the first quarter of the 21st century and we still clean like they did in the 19th century. Why?

From a janitorial business perspective it is understandable. Old habits are hard to overcome. If someone hires a cleaning company to sweep and mop their cafeteria floor they expect to see a person doing it. Do you think they would pay the company if they brought in an autonomous unit that could do all of that? The janitorial business would be nervous because they would think that the client will think about just buying that unit themselves. No more need to pay a company to do it.

The truth is that is starting to happen. Walmart uses a autonomous floor scrubber in its stores. It comes out at night when no one is around and cleans the floor. Warehouses are starting to use them more and more. Considering the ergonomic injuries of people doing these tasks it is no wonder.

What is surprising is why it is taking so long to implement. Even the small IRobot vacuum devices can do a pretty good job at vacuuming a whole office. So what if you need to buy 2 or 3. That is a one time purchase. These newer units mop too!, They also can clean themselves.

There are window cleaners which work great for those windows above the first floor. Maybe not absolutely perfect, but for a one time cost you can clean the windows whenever.

Wow! The 21st century is here. So far there is no robot that can clean the toilet. Wait I did see something in Japan...another story

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