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Short Term Rental (also known as Arbnb)

What is there to a Short Term Rental cleaning project? Well depends on where it is at, and if there is a same day check out and check in.

Now The One Clean built its business on the STR market in the Oneonta area. It is a great place to get a lesson in fast and accurate cleaning. All the homes are STRs in the summer with same day check out and check in. If someone wants to make a lot of money cleaning, then this is the market.

But the clock is ticking.

You have from 10am (sometimes 11am) to 4pm to clean as many homes as you can. They have to be done perfectly because the guests will not miss anything, and will most likely lower their review if there is anything not right about the home.

You are solely responsible for that negative or positive review. Which impacts the revenue of the owner, your client.

Now in this market you can charge as much as you want because the market will bear 'a lot'. There simply is no one here to do the work. You can set up a business, but finding reliable local employees.....hmmm good luck. If you can break the summer employee code and get people to work your income is only limited by how many homes you can get done in a day.

Ahh a day. So that is the one draw back. The gold mine is open only one day per week for 14 weeks. Now much other work is available the other days. But imagine. If you can do 4 homes in a day for $500 each that is a quick $2000 in one day. Maybe set up a food cart.

Work fast, make sure everything is PERFECT, and you are golden.

Good luck!

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