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It Is A New Day

It seems an eternity since we were all locked up in our homes not knowing if that day would be our last. If this was what the end of known civilization was going to be like. The new norm. Business collapsed while others flourished. The One Clean was born in the middle of this chaos. Why in the world would anyone start a business in the middle of that? Proves that the best time to start is the present.

The One Clean is still a small business struggling like any other small service provider in a limited market. But it has done well. Why is that? By providing a quality service, and focusing in on its market. Of course having limited operational expenses helped a lot.

The customers goals have changed over the past couple of years. During Covid it was clean everything with hospital grade cleaners. Without ever talking to us in person. But now that the doom and glum of Covid has long past, and the jab or don't jab is all but forgotten. So is the fear of human contact. Yes some folks are still clinging to the security blanket of a mask, and there is no judgement about that. In regards to the goals of cleaning it is now back to dealing with what we can see instead of what we can not see--or was never actually there. Dust has returned as number 1. I for one am glad for it.

Black mold is now the prime enemy again for health precautions in the home. I really like using vinegar and borax to clean this evil organism. It is not bleach, but it works well. Actually vinegar and borax is great for a lot of different cleaning applications.

One last comment about Covid. Recently I had two friends contract the latest version of Covid. My family and I were around both of them as they contracted it. We did not get sick at all. They went down like a sack of bricks. I asked them both, and yes was the answer...they both had been jabbed. As for my family and I, no we had not been.

It is a New Day.....

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