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Light Switch

It sounds simple. A light switch. You can tell a lot about your cleaning service by the condition of your light switches.

The light switch, unless you have automatic motion sensor ones, are a high touch item. Yes there is on going debate about any correlation between Covid transmission and touching. But let us move back in time before Covid. There were, and still are, other viruses and bacteria that can be transmitted with no debate. Think about it hands are all over them repeatedly throughout the day, depositing a new layer of germs with each touch.

So they need to be cleaned, especially during cold/flu season. A grimy light switch is a sign that the cleaning staff is not paying attention to details in regards to sanitation.

Spray the cleaner, alcohol based, directly on a microfiber cloth (not on the plate). Wipe. Buff to dry. If the switch itself is dirty, this is where a cotton-tip swab comes in handy. It does take time to do this, but it is definitely a task that you should request get completed.

If the switch is really dirty you should consider having a deep clean done, which will entail removing the plate. That means shutting the power off. But by doing this all the dirt from around the switch can be removed. Dirt is where bacteria and viruses can linger.

How often should light switches be cleaned? We recommend in an office setting that switch plates be surfaced cleaned daily. A home could probably be on a weekly basis.

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