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Sanitizing or Disinfection or....

Since the world was introduced to the terms 'novel' virus, social distancing, masks, new norm, on and on, we've also increased awareness of the importance of keeping surfaces clean. Actually it has always been important in light of the fact that viruses with the ability to negatively impact the most vulnerable of society has always been with us. It just seems that this new virus has had the ability to raise this concern to a point of awareness.

We are asked if we can disinfect and sanitize. Well just to keep it straight both words are the same in meaning which is to make clean. In speaking with our clients we always want to know what is their goal. Generally it is to eliminate the Covid-19 virus.

So let's look at that goal, "eliminate the Covid-19 virus" from a facility. The process can be very daunting as it requires a complete plan that includes anyone that come into the facility. For this discuss we will stick with just the sanitizing process.

It isn't that difficult, but the process does require paying attention to details. A detailed cleaning professional means someone who cleans throughly. We can use all sorts of technical equipment, but in the end it is the use of a cleaning solution and the user that gets the job done right. Focusing on the technology of the latest fogger or other gizmo to remove the knowledge of the person provides for an opportunity to fail.

Whether you want to sanitize of disinfect, which ever word makes you feel better, means you want the area well cleaned. This means cleaning the dirt, wiping down the area with a correct solution, allowing the solution time to do its job, and then wiping that area down again. The old phrase "getting your hands dirty" applies to this job. Non-contact disinfecting simply is not the way to go. It looks cool to see people in moon suits with spray guns, but it is a movie production.

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